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Trend of Cohabitation

By Emily Kline

As the United States becomes more progressive and less hung up on appearances, more and more couples are choosing to live together. They choose to forgo marriage or set it aside, cohabitating instead. As we see this trend of cohabitation rise in the States many people are starting to question why this is occurring. Lucky for us, many social scientists have done their work and answered this question for us. What they have found is that many couples choose to forgo marriage because it is viewed to many as the last step.

Couples view marriage as the epitome of the relationship and want to wait for matrimony until they have achieved their career goals and are ready to settle down. Because the United States is becoming very progressive, many people find it easier to move in before marriage. Living together before marriage is losing the stigma that it once had. The stigma is what deterred many people from achieving many steps before marriage. Previously, marriage was an event that began many people’s lives, now it is seen as the final step. Many people find that marriage is what people do when they are ready to settle down, not something you do when you still have much to achieve career and relationship-wise.

Also, marriage lost its stigma when same-sex couples started to move in together and live with each other as dependents because same-sex marriage was not allowed. Many same-sex couples wanted the option to behave as a married couple, and be given the rights of “the common-law marriage” but could not do so unless they lived together for seven years. The common law gives couples the right to live together with the same legal rights as a married couple if they live together for seven years or more.

Emily Kline is an editorial intern who is passionate and knowledgeable about fashion, beauty, and women empowerment.

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