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Top 15 Aesthetically Pleasing K-Pop Music Videos

By Rachael Lovette

It doesn’t matter what type of music genre you are a fan of the spectrum of different types of music videos is huge. From dark and moody to cutesy and full of symbolism to everything in between there’s always something to soothe, rile up, or support music fans. In recent years, K-Pop fans (like myself) have been blessed with some of the most aesthetically pleasing music videos.

Here is a list of 15 K-Pop music videos that are pleasing to the eyes or ears or both.

Astro - All Night

BTS - Blood Sweat Tears

CIX - Jungle

EXO CBX - Blooming Day


Golden Child - Wannabe

GOT7 - Not By The Moon

Irene & Seulgi (Red Velet) - Monster

Jennie (Blackpink) - SOLO

Monsta X - Beautiful

ONEUS - Twilight

SF9 - O Sole Mio

Taemin - Criminal

Twice - Feel Special

VIXX - Shangri-La

Rachael Lovette is the Digital Director at Flower Bomb Media with a passion for everything K-Pop, fashion, model advocacy, and pop culture. Follow her on Instagram @kindofvoguish.

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