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‘R I S E’ EP Review

By Livan Samudio

R I S E is a collaborative EP by WILLOW (Willow Smith) and Jahnavi Harrison. This 6 song EP was released on November 20th, 2020. The entire EP is only 19 minutes long. Below is a track by track breakdown followed by my review of the album.


The first song of the EP begins with a guitar that continues through the entire song along with the sound of birds chirping. Harrison and Smith alternate through the song. For the chorus they both blend their voices in combination with instrumentals in the background, which created a beautiful starting song. This song feels very soft but at the same time powerful.


Willow’s voice is first heard in this song with a combination of guitar and drums starting the song off. Harrison’s voice starts the strong chorus which was followed by a sensuous violin transition. Both of their voices come together for the bridge which ends the song with both of them slowing down the chorus while harmonizing. This song took up the energy from the first song and added an upbeat and lively rhythm to the EP.


This song much slower than the prior two begins with Smith singing the chorus. Harrison’s voice followed singing a verse in Hindi from a Hindu text. The entire song is very soft with light notes from what seems to be a xylophone playing in the background.

Born to Give

This song begins with a soft flute followed by a bass. Smith’s voice comes in followed by a steady beat of a drum. A violin transitions into Harrison’s part of the song continuing with the bass and the drum. The entire song has a powerful rhythm that’s created from the combination of the steady drum and bass. The flute with Harrison and Smith’s soft voices create a beautiful blend that creates a beautiful dynamic for this song. This was the longest song on the EP.

Brahma’s Song

This entire song is sung in Hindi. The guitar begins with Harrison’s voice. Later, Smith combines her voice with a violin in the background that creates a beautiful melody for the chorus. The song feels very light and ends with the soft strums of the guitar fading out.


Harrison begins the song in Hindi reciting verses from Hindu texts. This song was the last and shortest song on the EP. The song ends with crickets playing in the background.

Overall this album blew my mind. When listening to the crickets at the end of the last song, I just sat there for a minute processing. Each song felt so powerful and unique. Harrison and Smith’s voices blend incredibly well almost effortlessly. The combination of instruments ranging from drums to flutes contributed to this entire EP amazingly. This is a strong EP and I recommend everyone listen to this if they haven’t already.

Livan Samudio is an editorial intern whose interests and passions include fashion, music, television shows, and pop culture.

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