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MONSTA X Fatally Attracts MONBEBE with New Album

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

By Rachael Lovette

MONSTA X has a lot to celebrate this week. 2,000th day since debut. Minhyuk’s 27th birthday, and the release of their highly anticipated 3rd full-length album, Fatal Love. In a statement, the group described the new album as showing “the deadly temptation of a man; along with a thriller movie-esque storyline,” and as a MONBEBE I couldn't agree more.

Fatal Love showcases the signature MONSTA X style, however, they have seemingly reinterpreted and expanded their approach to music throughout this album. Bringing their singing, dancing, acting, and visuals to the next level, this album gives you the feeling of a thrill as if you’re solving a mystery. While their previous discography followed the path of empathy, consolation, and community, this album follows the path of temptation, mystery, and lust. The album consists of 10 tracks ranging from R&B, Latin-infused Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, Swedish, and American music styles to name a few. However, the most notable track and the one we need to talk about is the title track, Love Killa.

Love Killa follows the sextet’s signature mold: it’s energetic, infused with trap beats, and includes melodic vocals (queue Kihyun). However, it centers and two major, hard-hitting rap verses delivered by Jooheon and I.M. which in my opinion make it something new and exciting. Plus from the vocalists and trap-heavy hook and interludes of melodic harmonies this song proves to be a sultry, fatal, and everything in-between song I can listen to on repeat. On top of that, the lyrics are also buzzworthy because of their NSFW context as it’s very uncommon for K-Pop songs to have sexual innuendos.

The music video for Love Killa transforms the six members into cruel and handsome “Love Killas,” looking to steal some hearts with drool-worthy visuals to match. Following the thriller movie-esque storyline promised in their teaser statement, the six members into coldblooded killers as defined below:

Hyungwon as Tyler Durden from Fight Club

Kihyun as Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs

Jooheon as the Joker from The Dark Night

IM as Driver from Drive

Shownu as Eggsy from Kingsman

Minhyuk as Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

In addition, the choreography isn’t a high-energy, vigorous routine we are used to that has in the past put a member on mandatory rest. The choreography is slowed down, engaging, and highly stylized, working with group and subunit formations and subtle movements. The group choreography showcases the members in tailored suits (both black and red), that further showcase the Homme fatal appeal of the music video.

We (MONBEBE) always knew MONSTA X would be the death of us and now we know why. The words on everyone’s lips: “I want you to eat me like a main dish”.

Watch the music video for Love Killa now.

Rachael Lovette is the Digital Director at Flower Bomb Media with a passion for everything K-Pop, fashion, model advocacy, and pop culture. Make sure you follow her on Instagram as she journeys through the fashion industry from behind the lens.

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