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"How I Got Started..." Interview with Jevon Taylor

By Livan Samudio

Interview with Jevon Taylor, fashion designer, and owner of the brand False Ego. Taylor was featured in the Denver Fashion Week of Fall 2019. The interview was held at the store, Squadron, within the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, Colorado.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in fashion?

"How I got into fashion was, so I got a basketball scholarship and I was in Kansas City, going to school and playing basketball. When you play sports, that’s all you do. You go to school and play basketball, so I didn’t have much of a life outside of that. I ended up having to do an extra semester of school which I was pissed about at first, but it ended up being one of the biggest blessings ‘cause it let me be a regular student. Before my last semester, I was doing an internship as a wellness coordinator for an aviation company, and I was kind of just finding myself that summer. I was doing a lot of reading, research, and graphic design. During that time, I found out that fashion is the #2 polluters in the world right now. So as I was graphic designing, I was making designs for clothing brands. Then from there, it just built.”

2. Why did you get started on the eco-fashion track?

“Once I found out it was the second leading polluter in the world, I wanted to change that. I knew Colorado had a couple of cool brands but none of them were making a difference. I also knew that Colorado is a state that is more environmentally aware. Out here you have people that already care and appreciate what I’m doing.”

3. What inspired you to start a fashion brand?

“I want to create a lane for other creatives. I want to start a company based on something bigger than itself. My term for it is “Immortal Impact” because the impact will last whether I am here or not. I want to build a platform and a company that whether I am alive or dead, that impact is still with people.”

4. Where do you find inspiration?

“Definitely through music and architecture. Architecture is one thing that I wanted to study in college. Architecture is so broad. Of course, you can build buildings, but you can do landscaping. All kinds of things. Different textures, different technologies. Also, the suitability of it is dope. How you can organize a building to face a certain way to coordinate with the natural sun cycles or moon cycles for energy usage and things like that. That’s what I want to do. Big picture, I still want to have the brand False Ego, but False Ego is something so much more than fashion. We are looking to build a platform. We would still have the lane of fashion, but the clothes would be more like merchandise for the idea rather than the business.”

5. How did you get started with Denver Fashion Week?

“303 Magazine reached out to me, and the head fashion editor, Jen, contacted me and said they would love to have me. It originally started with me reaching out to them last April, and it was the first event we had thrown so I was contacting different magazine companies to get some press. 303 Magazine sent a couple of editors to check it out and it was a great turn out.”

6. What direction would you like to see the Denver fashion scene move in?

“I want to see more creativity. I don’t think a lot of brands out there are creative. I would also love more community. I feel like Colorado is a “one man for himself” kind of place. I have found so many opportunities when working with other people. There is enough money and opportunities for all of us to eat. I feel like it is up to us to utilize that and embrace that mindset.”

7. What are your goals for the future for your brand?

“Definitely expansion and innovation. We released a recycling program. So now, not only do we sell clothes, we allow customers to give them back to us and we break down those fabrics and turn them into air installation for buildings and homes. No one in Colorado is doing that right now, so to be at the forefront of that is super tight. Also, we want to start an environmental education program at a DSST or a school in Colorado to involve the students because they are going to be leading our next decade. You never know whose mind we can spark. I’m not even two years into False Ego and we’ve accomplished so much. So, imagine a high schooler. If we plant that seed when he is 16 or 17 years old, imagine what he can do when he graduates, or at 21 or 22. I am a really big advocate for empowering younger generations because I think they are more ahead than other generations with access to technology and information. I think they see the world differently so it’s important to plant the right seeds and give them the right resources so they can lead the world and plant those seeds in the next generation. Starting a lineage of planting positive and innovative seeds in these kids. Then, our big goal is to create a maker’s space, which is a place where we can supply equipment for people to create.”

Jevon Taylor's Instagram: @false_eg0


Livan Samudio is an editorial intern who's interests and passions include fashion, music, television shows, and pop culture.

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