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Holiday Movies To Watch

By Livan Samudio

With the holiday season just around the corner, many people are finding innovative ways to still celebrate with family and friends, whether that be socially distanced in person, or at a distance virtually. Regardless of if you are alone or in the companies of others this holiday season, here is a list of my holiday movie recommendations. Grab some hot cocoa or a warm blanket and start binging!

1. Happiest Season (available on Hulu) - This movie is the perfect combination of comedy, romance, and drama. The movie follows a girl who goes to her girlfriend’s family for the holidays but discovers that her girlfriend has not come out and her family thinks she is her roommate. Rated PG-13.

2. Holidate (available on Netflix) -This movie follows a guy and a girl who does not want to be single for this year’s holiday season. They both agree to be each other’s “Holidate” but along the way things become complicated. A unique and cute movie similar to other holiday romantic comedies. Rated MA.

3. Klaus (available on Netflix) - A animated holiday movie that follows a postman in training. When the postman gets placed in a cold town up North, he discovers a toymaker. From there, a budding relationship forms between both of them result in bringing light to the dark and cold town. Rated PG.

4. The Christmas Chronicles (available on Netflix) - Starring the famous Kurt Russel, he returns as Santa Clause in this new classic. Two siblings plan to trap Santa but things do not go as planned and now the kids must help save the holidays. Rated PG.

5. A Bad Mom’s Christmas (available on Netflix) - A classic holiday movie for myself. This movie came out in 2017, following the original movie, Bad Moms. The three mothers prepare for the upcoming holiday season but then decide to protest due to their many responsibilities for the holidays. The mothers team up and decide to go wild and ignore their responsibilities. In the midst of this, their mothers and PTO moms begin to cause issues for them resulting in them coming to reality. Rated R.

Livan Samudio is an editorial intern who's interests and passions include fashion, music, television shows, and pop culture.

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