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Future of Red Carpets and Galas

By Livan Samudio

It looks like the 1900s are making a comeback, bringing the world a pandemic. Due to COVID-19, the world came to a halt starting around March of 2020. Businesses and schools all began to shut down leading people to become trapped in what we now call “quarantine life.” After about five months, we are now seeing businesses opening back up and schools starting their semesters, whether that be remote/online or in-person with safety precautions and regulations. That being said, lots of people have been wondering what’s to come for future events such as concerts, shows like New York Fashion Week, big award programs like the Grammys, or the Golden Globes. With all these events coming up within the next year, people are wondering, “What might these events look like, if they even happen at all?”

Unlike New York Fashion week being postponed, Copenhagen decided to continue with their scheduled fashion week, this past August, by doing a live and digital hybrid version. On their website, they stated “CPHFW72H. The new digital universe of CPHFW celebrating 72 hours of shows, talks, and events.” Judging by the various parts of the fashion show, it seems safety procedures were very much in place, such as masks and social distancing. Also, crews seemed to be kept at a minimum with only the people required such as makeup artists, wardrobe designers, photographers/videographers, etc. The 72-hour weekend seemed to be a success and might be one of the first signs that our world can return to “normal” or similar to what it used to be.

Similarly, in South Korea, given their success with the prevention of COVID-19 from their population, they have begun holding concerts throughout the summer. Back in May 2020, they held the Hyundai Stage X Drive-In concert, which proved to be a success even though attendees were required to wear masks, receive temperature checks, and remain in their vehicles. Even the K-Pop group, BTS, held a concert in June called “Bang Bang Con: The Live” which was a 90-minute virtual concert for their fans.

While Copenhagen and South Korea might be signaling hope for our new pandemic world, some shows and programs have been postponed or canceled. New York Fashion Week has decided to postpone its showing due to an announcement by Governor Cuomo, which stated it would be held in September instead. Also, this last weekend of August, MTV hosted their 37th annual Video Music Awards (VMA), which was very similar to what Copenhagen did, with no audiences, limited crew, and socially distanced celebrity performances with masks. This pandemic has changed the world for the time being but with how our society is immersed in the media, change might not be too different from what we are already used to.

Livan Samudio is an editorial intern who's interests and passions include fashion, music, television shows, and pop culture.

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