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Future in Fashion: Styling Tips for Face Masks to Compliment Your Personal Style

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

By Corinne Dorsey

In 2020, Masks have rapidly become the most worn accessory as we combat the harsh realities of Covid-19. In only a handful of months, they’ve become an essential part of everyday life. Amid these months, many of us have adopted the handy blue surgical mask into our daily outfits, but with reports showing the inevitability of COVID-19 staying longer in our lives- you might want to consider a more suitable design to wear that compliments your personal style.

Since we have to live with the face mask, why not learn to embrace it? Make the addition of face masks a little bit less tiresome by adding stylish designs that offer protection, without losing your sense of individuality.

From designer to affordable style, Charley Magazine has compiled a style guide that will help you choose the best masks that compliments your personal style.

1. Consider Your Style Go-To’s

Are you a fan of vibrant animal prints or abstract designs? Think about keeping things simple when adding a mask to your outfit. No, that doesn't limit you to standard blue surgical masks, but maybe limiting designs to different colors that don’t include prints as an additional element. Alternatively, if you tend to keep a more muted wardrobe, bring your fit to life by adding a mask with a loud or playful touch. This will allow your face gear to be the star of the show with an intentional touch to your stylistic choice.

Although many of us will be working remotely from home, if you are planning to work in the office, a fanciful face mask might come off a tad too loud. Stick to masks that are neutral colors, solid, and only highlight subtle prints.

If you are looking for a statement piece to complement your wardrobe, check out DIOP, a black-owned Detroit based clothing brand. With styles inspired by Nigerian culture and print-inspired Ankara fabric. This brand is sure to offer the perfect standout piece.

For a more toned down mask, check out Taylor Jay, a black-owned brand that offers face masks made from repurposed cotton. With designs based around basic colors and linear designs, this mask is perfect to compliment your outgoing style.

2. Consider the Fabric

Fabric is the most essential part when purchasing face masks. Not only will it affect breathability, but also whether your mask sits smart and fitted or sloppy. The most ideal masks are usually thick and stiff fabrics that are similar to cotton. This gives the masks more form, rather than loose material like soft jersey. Masks made of silk and satin, that often offer a visual appeal, are unfavorable material as they probably won't hold up against the oil and sweat produced by the skin daily.

Also, keep in mind that triple-layer construction isn’t necessary for optimal safety. The thick construction of the mask will often impact the ease of breathing, so stick to the mask that will give you optimal comfort.

Check out Saint Ola, a black-owned brand that offers stylish face masks that include filters. With every sale, Saint Ola also offers a face mask to a hospital in need.

3. Consider the Size and Fit

Picking the perfect mask for your face can sometimes be a hassle because masks are never one size fits all, especially surgical masks. But as many designers begin to shift into fabric designs, they offer two size options that provide exact measurements, and options for fastening that offer a customizable fit.

When buying your mask, also note that molded construction and triple folds are standard requirements for ideal protection against the virus. These features ensure the nose and chin are securely covered and offer space for easy breathing.

Check out Jamille Textiles, a black-owned brand that offers three sizes ( Child, Standard, and Adult) when buying a mask. This brand also offers a pocket for filters, three layers of cotton, and an adjustable nose to prevent gaps.

Face masks have unfortunately become a huge part of our lives, as a way of keeping good health amid the growing cases of COVID-19. As the impact of the Coronavirus carries plenty of emotional weight, we at Charley Magazine hope you use these style tips as an additional aspect of protecting your health. With cases rising daily, we must remember that although the mask can be seen as an accessory in your wardrobe, it is an essential element to protecting your health too.

Corinne Dorsey is an editorial writer with a focus on black womanhood, culture, and fashion writing.

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