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Designers We Loved At NYFW Spring 2021

By Livan Samudio

With the recent pandemic, many events had been canceled or postponed till next year but New York Fashion Week was still able to continue. After Governor Andrew Cuomo made the announcement that New York Fashion Week could continue this year but was postponed till September 2020, many people speculated what this year’s show might look like. Some were pro continuing with the show but some weren’t. Michael Kors was one of the few that were against the show. He decided to opt-out of this year’s NYFW. He announced back in June that he wouldn’t attend and would instead do his show in October or November so that consumers could receive and process products from the previous season. Though, unlike previous seasons, this season is impacted by the pandemic.

This year's shows were scheduled outdoors from September 13th to September 17th with limited audiences, virtual streams, and many safety precautions. The first show of the week was by designer, Jason Wu.

Wu started off the first day and show of NYFW with a rooftop that was inspired by his hometown, Tulum. The show had a paradise and vacation atmosphere that was created from the look of his Spring 2021 pieces to the tropical plants surrounding the stage creating a jungle-like scene. All staff and guests were required to take a COVID-19 test at least 5 days before the show and show the negative test results at entry with an additional temperature check to permit entry. For Wu, this show was drastically different than previous shows of his but he was not the only one. One designer even took a safety regulation and turned it into pieces for his show.

Designer, Christian Siriano, held his show in the backyard of his home over a pond with beautiful flowers and vibrant greenery. Siriano’s line this year was not only elegant gowns and gorgeous dresses but he had also designed fashionable face masks to match. He seemed to find inspiration through the current pandemic to create fashion that can also be used for safety. Some designers, models, and critics were skeptical of keeping this year’s show going this year, while others were ready and even took to pop culture to give them an added boost.

Lastly, in Christian Cowan’s show, he decided to include music artist Lil Nas X, who was displayed with many different pieces from Cowan’s Spring/Summer 2021 line. The whole show was done on a white background with very upbeat music playing. Many of Cowan’s pieces seemed punk or rock. The show with the clothing line and the intense zoomed camera angles gave it a rebellious feeling. Even though some might have thought continuing with the show was unconventional similar to Cowan’s show, this year’s NYFW was conducted safely and executed beautifully.

Livan Samudio is an editorial intern who's interests and passions include fashion, music, television shows, and pop culture.

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