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Creepy K-pop Stages To Prepare You For Halloween

By Rachael Lovette

Halloween is a time where we carve pumpkins, watch horror movies, and traverse through corn-fields and haunted houses. We dress up and pretend to be whoever we wish to be, hand out candy, and embrace all the wonderful spooky activities!

In preparation for this magically creepy day (this year Halloween falls on The Blue Full Moon) I have composed a list of my top ten favorite spooky and enchanting K-pop live stages. Even though this year’s festivities will be a little different than previous years, that doesn’t mean we have to cancel Halloween altogether.

Find a close friend, and enjoy these 10 K-pop stages that are sure to give you a fright!


9. ATEEZ - Pirate King

8. PENTAGON - Daisy

7. ONEUS - Heartbeat(2PM Cover)

6. LOONA - Full Moon (SUNMI Cover)

5. VAV - Poison

4. Stray Kids - Side Effects


2. Kihyun (MONSTA X) - Bad (Christopher Cover)

1. ATEEZ - Wonderland

Bonus Non-Live Stage, but still creepy...

(G)I-DLE - Put it Straight (Nightmare Version)

Rachael Lovette is the Digital Director at Flower Bomb Media with a passion for everything K-Pop, fashion, model advocacy, and pop culture. Make sure you follow her on Instagram as she journeys through the fashion industry from behind the lens.

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