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CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase 2020

By Livan Samudio

Back in March of 2017, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) partnered with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) to create the Fashion Future Graduate Showcase (FFGS). The showcase is for top fashion graduates to be paired with professionals to help them grow and transition out of college into careers. Each graduate is chosen by 12 leading Undergraduate and Graduate fashion design programs. The first showcase occurred on May 23rd-24th of 2017 and has been continued every year since then.

Originally, the showcase was created as a hybrid showcase being both physical and digital. Due to COVID-19, this year the CFDA decided to hold the FFGS as a virtual showcase for the first time. Some of the schools a part of the showcase include Pratt Institute, California College of the Arts, Kent State University, and more. For the FFGS20, 104 participants were chosen to display their work.

Past participants have had a range of opportunities through the FFGS. Some have been featured in brands like Reebok, others have been featured in magazines like Vogue, and some have been able to gain mentorships from well-known lines.

From the CFDA’s website, it states that “The goal of FFGS20 is to help provide visibility to the creativity of the Class of 2020 – who, through their ingenuity, talent, and potential, have already demonstrated resiliency working to complete their thesis work from quarantine, agilely adapting to remote home studios while navigating societal, economic, cultural, and environmental change.”

The virtual showcase can be found on the CFDA’s website. Each participant contains a profile with their name, a biography, a design manifesto, and a section of their portfolio with a link to their full portfolio as well. Check out the complete A-Z directory of all the 2020 participants of the CFDA’s FFGS20:

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